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The Little Star book has encouraged us to develop a resource bag for children to use to support their grieving journey.
The bags currently cost £35 to produce, but are given freely through our charity to;

- bereavement midwives
- children’s hospices
- neonatal and special care units
- children’s wards
- counselling teams
- individual families that request one

The bags have a copy of The Little Star book, a scrapbook, 3 rainbow and star themed crafts and craft kit,
a puffin puppet, little star toy theatre and instruction sheet.
Our hope I that the resources are used as tools to encourage children to explore, and talk about, the death of their brother or sister.

‘On Monday I gave out my first bag to a little girl who lost her baby brother. She had been crying a lot at school and wouldn’t talk to her mummy. She has been constantly upset and on Monday asked to talk to me. I read the book to her and went through the bag of goodies. She is 7. She then asked lots of questions and decided to write them in the little star memory book. We talked about them in the next visit and she was like a different child. She took her book to school and the teacher read it to the class, so they all understood about her baby brother. It was AMAZING – thank you!’ (Bereavement Support worker, Martin House Children’s Hospice)

‘This is brilliant. Our new baby is imminent, and we felt that we could be doing more with our son who was asking a lot of questions about whether this baby would die too. He LOVED the story and has used the theatre to recreate all sorts of memories. I did the making, gluing and sticking with him and when my husband came home, he told him all about it.’ (Bereaved parent)

‘Everything’s there. I didn’t need to find a glue stick or some card. That in itself was brilliant.’ (Parent)

‘Thank you so much to you all. It has been wonderful for us all to present your bags to the families; talking with them how they can be used which in itself opens up conversations between us and between couples. Even Grandparents have been involved!’ (Martin House Bereavement Team)
‘Whilst our younger son has enjoyed the creativity of the Little Star story, I found the ringed memory book in our older son’s room. He has started to put photos in with some little comments. It warmed my heart so much.’ (Parent Feedback)

‘A family had gone out for a meal together to read the story and go through the bag and it was a lovely experience. They were all laughing together when the little girl in the family (age 5) said ‘look mummy we can all still be happy like in the little star book’’ (Martin House Hospice, Leeds)

As someone who works with bereaved families and is privileged to give the Little Star bags out to siblings - I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in creating the resource, raising the funds and giving time to put the bags together. Last week I received lovely feedback from a family who received the resource 6 months ago and I also had the privilege of handing a bag out. It turned out the family know Stephen Mortimer! It’s a small world and the connection made it even more special’ (Forget me not hospice, Huddersfield)

‘It is really lovely to be able to give something positive at a time of grief and sadness. Families really do appreciate the love and care that has gone into the resource and as professionals we really value the Little Star story and activities. As more professionals are becoming aware of the resource, I know the demand for the resource will increase! We are so grateful for all you are doing to help families and siblings. Thank you Charlie ⭐️🌈⭐️
‘We just want you to know that The Little Star bags are amazing! We have given them to families to use with their children and the feedback has been brilliant’ (Demelza Hospice, Kent)

‘The story and activities gave us the opportunity to talk through some of the feelings our son had about his brother. Before, we would ask how he was but that can get a bit stale after a while. Now, we refer to the story and all sorts have been spoken about.’ (Parent)

‘This resource has opened up the way to hear how our daughter feels about her brother dying and how she now feels about her new baby sister. When we first made the theatre and read the story, she did not want to stop. She loves the puppet and gets the story out each day to read with us. It seems very comforting to her.’ (Parent)

‘‘Please thank the people who have been so generous to give us this bag. The children love it but so do we! Can they make one for adults too?’ (Parent)

‘We have really enjoyed reading the story about the Little Star. It brought tears to our eyes as we called our son our little star. Our daughters have used the resources in all kinds of ways. Puppets have been made to be friends with the Puffin and conversations about our son have begun between them which has been wonderful. We now share our memories as a family much easier than we did before.’ (Parent)